01 Jan 2022 : 12:17
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I’ve had enough. No more parties, gatherings, celebrations, or other food coma-inducing activities for me for a while, please. The next invitation I receive is going to get a no, nada, not interested. “Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.”

I’m not a party-pooper, but I am partied out. This introvert is also a carb-oholic and the sweets are just too tempting to ignore at a celebration. It seems like an innocent indulgence with the first nibble. But then one nibble turns into two… and the game is on. Jeepers!

It isn’t just the parties though, it’s the gifts as well. Chocolates, peanut brittle, chocolate-covered pretzels, cake, cookies, and flavored caramel corn were all gifts I received, as well as gave, this season. These aren’t terrible gifts. And sweets aren’t bad either. (Though I’m sure some would argue with me on that point.) But the inability to walk away from food after I’ve sampled becomes my problem.

Come to think of it, there is a verse in the Bible that talks about this—sort of. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

To me, that means that it’s okay to indulge—in moderation. I’m well past the moderation point now and I know it’s time to stop and recalibrate before my belly bulge turns from the battle of the bulge to full-out war.

That’s okay with me though. I’m ready. The sweets and fatty foods have been fun, and I’ve enjoyed them for sure. But it's time for a salad. Bring it on!
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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Amen. Amen. Back to the normal routines of work and regular food. ( maybe JUST a LITTLE bit of sweets).


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