22 Feb 2022 : 12:18
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I'm pleased to introduce fellow Christian Author, Deena Adams.

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When dreams disintegrate, is God really working behind the scenes for good? 

Mississippi Delta missionaries Camille and Raymond Richards are heartbroken over the impoverished people they encounter daily. Having grown up poor in South Alabama, they understand that lifestyle, which compels them to serve families struggling with perpetual poverty.

At age seven, left to fend for himself, Clayton Jenkins longs to be part of a loving family. A family where his parents never leave him home alone. Where his Mama showers him with attention and his daddy plays with him.

From the moment she meets Clayton, Camille envisions the waif as their son. But that was ridiculous. The boy had parents. And she was pregnant. Did compassion for the child skew her perspective?

Or was God working behind the scenes, formulating a plan far greater than they could imagine?




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